Blog 2: Why Heather Can Write: Media Literacy and Harry Potter Wars

This reading was very interesting. I didn’t know much about the Harry Potter Wars. This article goes into great detail about many different arguments around this subject of civil liberties for children. One of the biggest arguments thought this article is children’s 1st amendment rights to freedom of speech. Another argument was the good vs evil that children are expose to because of there use of the internet while being connected with other children while writing about a fantasy world. Also the on going battle of what Christians believe and how they feel about their children reading the Harry Potter novels as well as the disagreement with the novels themselves.


In my opinion, the people arguing about the cons of children writing in the “Daily Prophet” are so wrong. I think that knowing the whole site was and still is being run by a child is amazing, and that all the writers are children as well is truly remarkable. Some of the pros listed were that children are finding their own writing styles, gaining better vocabulary, gaining confidence, are welcome to express themselves, and have a growing imagination. As an artist I know how important your imagination need to me, and the more you use it the more it grows and stays with you.  I also think that the “Daily Prophet” is a great idea because it gives children a chance to write and be creative. Within their stories they can write about anything they want, whether that be complete fantasy or stories that have real roots connecting to their own lives and experiences.


The article is summed up by stating the fact that children are not teaching other children. The internet and sites like the “Daily Prophet” as well as “kids SPEAK” really give children the opportunity to communicate instantly about their ideas, opinions, and experiences that other children can learn from or be inspired. I believe that this is just a glimpse into what life can and will be like for children to come; a vast, fast pasted world where inspiration and imagination can be shared, talked about, and then explore to new levels like the imagination and creativity used to make the world of Harry Potter.


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