Blog 3: How Online Reading Habits Have Changed Over 2010 by: Richard MacManus


The article starts off with describing how people that use to get there news feeds and other reading materials off the web (i.e. Google Reader) to now were readers are getting instant news and updates through Twitter and Facebook. It briefly talks about RSS readers and how they used to use Google Reader, how Google Readers have dropped in 2010, and how new applications are being used on mobile devices to gather instant news than a computers (PCs).


This article is something I have always been thinking about. I am dyslexic and I went to a very unique school, Shelton, that specialized in teaching students that have Dyslexia, ADD, ADHA, Discrafia and other learning differences, to read an article, novel, or textbook with coding skills. I was taught to color code (which I do religiously) and to keep page notes on stick notes or in an organized bullet form on a word document. By my Sr. year I was having trouble with my reading assignments because Shelton was trying to become a paper-less school and rented out laptops to all the students. From there I began (and still do on occasion) print out my reading, but I also found applications that would let me write notes and highlight on the computer screen.


Today almost every student (whether he/she be in elementary or college) knows how to used a computer and/or other mobile devices to gather information. Whether that information is world news, blogs, personal posts, or a childish story. This article went on to describe a few popularly used applications that help people get their information faster and more personalized to them.


The article talked about Twitter and Facebook. Both of those sites have become a daily routine in my life. I get personal information about my family and friends from Facebook and then when I hop over to Twitter I get world news from CNN and important information from my classmates and teachers (#ATEC3325). Both of these applications could be only used on a computer but with technology growing each day mobile devices are well able to adapt and also allow you to check all your news feeds from the palm of your hand.


The last part of this article that I enjoyed was the description of applications readers can use that makes their news feeds more personal to things they want to read about. The article uses My6Sence ( as an example. It is able to pull up current news and articles that you would want to read by looking back at the previous topics you read. I also know of some applications that are made for people like me, who love and who have learned to highlight and take notes in the margins, to take notes on a digital article or textbook. In my mind this is only the start to a “paper-less” world were pen and paper will be obsolete.



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