Blog 6: Selections from Being Digital by Negroponte Ch 1, 7, & 13

This reading assignment was a lot to read, but it has some good information. It stats with ‘bits and atoms’ and goes on to describe that atoms come in the form of newspapers magazines, and books which are delivered information. The author goes on argue one reason “that all media has become digital so quickly is that we achieved very levels of compression much sooner than most people predicted” (pg 16).  The next chapter the author asks, “why is ‘being digital’ so hard?” In the last chapter, ‘The Post-Information’, begins by describing the “translation from an industrial age to a post-industrial or information age.” Where the industrial age is an age of atoms and continues discussing “place without space,”  where “digital living …includes dependence on being in a specific place.”


I found the last chapter, chapter 13, the most intriguing. Recently I have been having trouble organizing all my social life and my student life on my computer. Everything is digital and I find it hard to keep track of everything i download, read, send, etc. I have a MAC and It helps that I can color code files, documents, and articles. But I still end up printing out what I can and keeping a hard copy in an organized, color coded, binder.  The reading states that in the ‘information age’ mass media grew and shrunk at the same time. ‘Place Without Space’ was the next section in this chapter. It discusses what I started above,  where “digital living will include less and less dependence upon being in a specific place at a specific time, and the transmission of place itself will start to become possible.” The reading goes on saying “in the future, we will have the telecommunications and virtual reality technologies…” My imagination goes wild thinking about what our future technologies will be able to do.




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