Blog: 9 “New Media – A Critical Intoduction; 2nd edition” Ch. 4 “New Media in Everyday Life” by Martin Lister, Jon Dovey, Seth Giddings, Iain Grant, & Kieran Kelly

I’ll be honest this chapter was very long and had a lot of information. I’m going to talk about a few topics that really grabbed my attention. ‘Everyday List in Cyberspace’ is the first section in this chapter which includes: (1) described as the distinction between individuals and technology where technologies ‘adopt’/”suffer the ‘impact’ of new technologies…distinction between subject and object are absolute” (pg 238). (2) Technologies are socially shaped but …society is not technologically shaped,” and (3) “human activity – in the form of social, historical, or economical forces…is the sole motive force…in everyday life and culture” (pg 238). Moving on in the chapter, ‘Cyberspace,’ is described as “Platonism as a working concept” that has been “shaped into sensory-input devices…[is] lost to their world. Suspended in computer space…[which] leaves the prison of the body and emerges in a world of digital sensation,” by Michael Heim (1993).


I love that the writers view (that I labeled 1,2, & 3); number one is something I have talked about in one of my classes. The idea that society influences technology tells me that this reading is ‘Culture Determinant’ which means that technology is shaped my the people/culture. Number two also confirms this idea.  I do think that in some cases technology shapes us. In the Cultural Determinant world we have a say in what technology will/should be; for example people wanted/needed a way to travel faster so they domesticated horses, created/invited ships, trains, bikes, and cars. But when you really look at technology, today, you may see what I see, which is when it comes to technology we don’t have a say in what it is we want. When you think about how websites are built, when dishwashers and washing machines were invented they were made to make living easier. Culture/people had no say in any of those things at first. Now a day’s technology is created and after it’s hit the market they take societies wants and needs into consideration, which leads to updates and new inventions of the same kind of technology.


What I want others to think about is what does New Media have our Everyday Life?
Is Media a good thing? Bad thing? Needs improving?


I grew up with technology! It’s a second nature to me, and I don’t find it strange to sit on the coach and talk to my friend via Skype with my HD TV playing a TVOed show playing. Then I turn to my mother and she’ll tell me stories about what she would do on a weekend after noon when she was my age. Growing up in Ireland in the middle of the country, he has told me things like she would go out and catch a chicken, milk cows, ride her bike a few miles to the pub to meet with some friends, etc.

Cyberspace, New Media its all part of our EVERYDAY LIFE!



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