Blog: 13 YouTube; “Henry Jenkins” and “The New Media Literacies”

These two short video clips hit a lot of topics. Henry Jenkins was the first one I watched. This video Jenkins was talking about a transition between old and new media in to day’s society. He talked about “Converging Culture,” which is a collection of people that have found ways to share and communicate their stories, ideas, opinions, and advertise. One of the most successful exams of this is in entertainment, movies; the other example is Pres. Obama’s election campaign. Jenkins also said that George Orwell was right with this book, 1984, by saying there would be a Big Brother watching us. What Orwell didn’t know is that Little Brother would be watching Big Brother. Little Brother is you and me  (everyone), every day people that contribute photos, videos, ideas, and opinions to the Internet make it easier for the public as well as Big Brother to watch you. Jenkins quickly concludes by saying that we live in a digital world, which gives us the ability to tell our story to everyone.

In the second YouTube video “The New Media Literacies,” talked about the skills that are needed to use the Internet, to be connected and to be a part of the Internet society. Some of the skills the defined were: Judgment, Negotiation, Appropriation, and Play. Judgment is knowing what is and what isn’t reliable on the Internet; what you read isn’t always true. Negotiation is knowing how to inter different social groups and understand different norms with in a group. Appropriation is knowing how to sample/remix content in a meaningful way. Play is your compassion to experiment with your soundings as a form of problem solving. The video also mentioned a few other skills like Transmedia Navigation, Simulation, Collective Intelligence, Performance, Distributed Cognition, Visualization, and Multitasking, these skill were not defined.

It is amazing to me to see all the skills needed to use and connect to the Internet. Because I am a Digital Native I grew up natural having all these skills, it’s my second nature. If I look to my mom, who grew up on a farm with out any digital connection to the outside world, I see a person that is Internet illiterate. She struggles with understanding how sites work, how to navigate/explore, and play. She has finally learned how to text and send emails but there are so much more the Internet has to offer. She loves looking at photos of my family, who live over seas, and I know she would love to learn how to use Skype and Facebook so she could chat and share with our family. I do believe those skills can be learned. For those that are learning, I think the first thing to learn is how to open you view to be more creative, be free minded, and understand that the Internet is NOT a physical object(s).

I can also see Jenkins point where Obama would of never been elected president if it wasn’t for Social Media, the connection he made through Facebook, Twitter, etc. He used and still uses the Internet to promote himself. The white house and other politicians also use social media sites (SMS) to promote themselves, their ideas, opinions, goals, etc. They get followers who will hopefully vote for them when election time came.

Little Brother is watching Big Brother. The people are watching and contributing to the Internet (Big Brother). We, people, are taking photos, watching and talking about people we see, things we do, we are blogging, talking, sharing, comparing, uploading, downloading, streaming, scanning, reading, watching, listening, editing, discussing, viewing, and exploring. We are contributors to everything on the web. As an example, Facebook, wouldn’t be worth billions of dollars today if people didn’t log in, share, post, and ‘friend’ people. People make the site valuable and people are now a part of the digital world. They can be viewed/watched by Big Brother and the public (unless you have changed your settings).



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