Blog: 15 “How Obama Tries to Win Twitter & Influence People” and “Infographic: Who Is Using Twitter, How Often, and Why?”

Infographic: Who Is Using Twitter, How Often, and Why?

How Obama Tries to Win Twitter & Influence People

Both articles were interesting reads. “How Obama Tries to Win Twitter…” didn’t surprise me. He should be trying to find new ways to connect to the public. He used Facebook and other social medias to get elected so I think it’s only right that he keeps adapting and growing with new medias to make his presence more known. He made history by being the first President to Tweet Live. He has been using Twitter to communicate with his followers by answer questions that are posted/sent in his Twitter page. In the article he answers many questions seems to have fun with it. The end of that article brings up a good point. Is this a good idea? Is it a good think that there is no longer a filter between the White House and the direct public? The reading says that there is not transparency any more; when news from the White House and about the President needed to be shared to the public it went through a filter when posted in newspapers. They would only share what they thought the public wanted to hear and what would make their papers sell. In today’s new world of communicating directly with the public, Obama could answer something incorrectly, have miss spellings, etc Which in turn would make him look like a idiot, and the public would loose all care and hope. On the other side being able to directly answer questions gives the public an answer, shows us that Obama is a real person, really cares about what we want and need. Back the negative; does Obama really know who is asking the questions? A user may be see at @coolJoe which could be a older man that thinks his hip because he can use Twitter, a college student who is interested in politics, a young kid that is asking questions for his mother (who doesn’t know how to type), or it could be something much worse like the enemy over seas. Noting that the president would answer any questions that would compromise US security. I think I’m trying to say is that because there is no filter, Obama and the White House can make mistakes and it could only be one and we all could be in danger.

So what do I want to do? I don’t want Obama answering questions on his own; he should have a team helping him, the same kind of team that writes his speeches. I do want Obama to keep using Twitter and other Social Medias; I just hope that he takes ever percussion. But at the same time I DO NOT want the White House illegally searching our Twitter pages (if you have them on Private) to find out who we really are… I don’t want this to become something that it doesn’t need to be; I don’t want US rights to be broken.

The second article, ” Infogrphic…” was a ‘fun’ article. I didn’t have much written text (traditionally) but I was a fun graph (I guess you would call it) filled with percentages and stats, and other fun facts about who is using Twitter, how often they are using it, and why.

Who, How Often, and Why people use Twitter

Who is using Twitter, How Often, and Why?

I think this image from the reading can explain it’s self. Again I found it fun and I loved all the small facts that I learned.
So if you think back to Obama trying to use Twitter to reach his followers and the public. Who is he really reaching? If only 8% of the US population is on Twitter… are we really talking back, asking questions? Is Obama really trying to connect with EVERYONE or just those that ask questions through Twitter?


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