Blog: 18 My Reseach Project – Positive Effects on Military Recruiting because of Social Media

For my research/critical paper we had the option of choosing our own topic. I like and dislike this option because on the ‘like’ hand I can choose something I’m passionate about, therefore it shouldn’t feel like a paper, just something work intense with a reward in the end. On the ‘dislike’ hand getting to choose your own topic can be changing and you could easily choose something that is easy (which will make you look lazy to our teacher) or you can pick something challenging to show your NOT lazy but it could bit you in the butt because it’s too difficult.

So keep the statement above in mind. I bantered back and forth with a few ideas and I have finally decided. I am going to be researching the positive effects social media has on military recruiting. I will also cover the negative side of it all but I am very passionate about military, because of my grandparents, my boyfriend, a few of my friends (and their siblings) who have all join and have served or are still serving. I was one of those that really wanted to join right after high school. I hadn’t really applied to any universities, and my test scores were a bit lower than average (as to be accepted for a dyslexic and dysgraphic child). I had spoken with a recruiter; I had talked to my dad about it. I was ready to serve, and then I had to tell my mom my plans. She begged and pleaded and cried. I knew then that I would not just be giving up my life, I would be leaving my family and they would be so worried and my mother would never forgiver herself is something terrible would of happened to me. So I backed out, went to a community college for a few years then I ended up at UTD. I can’t lie that I have a “what if” always pestering me in the back of my mind but I have to look forward and I know in my heart that what I’m doing now is exactly what I want and I am so happy!

My boyfriend, Austin, served for 2 years in the U.S. Air Force, is always telling me stories of all the training he had to do, what he was taught, how much he wished he could go back, but of his knee he cant. He is so passionate about it all; he gives real and positive advice to those that want to serve or those that just thought they might want to serve. Because of Austin I have become more passionate about my chosen topic.

What I want people to get out of my paper is that Social Media does have an effect on those that join the military, but to also remember that social media has an effect on almost everything we do today. I want to show people, especially those that don’t want their sons and daughters to join, that it’s a great honor and a mature choice to make. Of course there is always going to be a negative side but I want those that always see the negative to, at least, acknowledge the positive.

U.S. Military Branches (on coins)


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