Blog: 19 Video Essay Discussion – Video Sites

For class we had to make a Video Essay. You may be asking, what is a Video Essay? It was described to me as thus: an essay, a written paper what was created by research, use of quotes and other references, the Video essay is to take the written part out and present your research by make a short video of your findings

This was a group project so as a group we chose Video Sites like YouTube, Hulu, and other sites that we devoted to video posting, viewing and streaming. We decided that they best way to get our information was to go out and ask the right kind of questions. So 2 members of our group went out to interview UTD students. We had fun (well I know I had fun… I hope the rest of my group did), they nicknamed me “The Whip” (I hope I wasn’t too controlling). Any way I hope you enjoy our Video Essay.

A Video Essay about Video Sites


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