About Me

“About Me”

I’m Sarah (@s_hardey), I’d like to think of myself as a fun, spunky, creative, goofy, a bit crazy, girl. I am currently a student at UTDallas double majoring in ATEC and EMAC. I love watching movies over and over and finding all the little mistakes and ‘bloopers’. I love to dance, make funny-faces, laugh, and I photograph everything (SiobhanPhotography.webs.com)!

I have a wonderful family who always supports me.
Along with 4 cats:

PIF, Sam, Pistachio, and Kitty (photo)

PIF, Sam, Pistachio, and Kitty

Kitty, Sam, Pistachio, and PIF, who I love to pieces and are the funniest things, they always make me smile. I also have a wonderful Boyfriend who is one of my biggest fans, and always makes my days better.

I love to travel, I have been to China, all over Europe (don’t forget Ireland), a few states in the USA, Canada (only to see the other side of Niagara Falls), and Mexico. I hope to travel more and see more places. I am fascinated by different cultures, fun costumes, and people in general. I love old European architecture, traditions that imbedded into the society’s life style, and the history behind ancient artifacts. I hope to travel more in the future…crossing fingers!


Lake Loch Gur, co Limerick, Ireland

“About My Blog”

I started this blog because I was required to by one of my professors, Dr. Janet Johnson (@Janetnews). I was a little hesitant at 1st because I didn’t really know how we were going to use a blog in our class. It turns out that having a blog and using it as a tool and a place to post all your written assignments is genus! We read an article (she posts on our class site) write a short summary and our own opinion from the reading on our blog, we post the blog, tweet Dr. Johnson with a link to our blog, and reads and grades it. How simple and easy, and fun is that! We don’t have to worry about emailing her, submitting documents though eLearning (UTD’s online class database), or having to print it out before class.


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